Profile – 05/2013

Bitmanagement Software GmbH is located in Berg near Munich, Germany. The company is constantly developed since foundation in 2002 by 3 former employees of blaxxun interactive AG. Today with a team of software engineers and 3D content specialists as well as and off shore 3D content partner companies Bitmanagement is focused a) on software development for client based interactive Web3D software and b) on services for creation of high resolution 3D city models and 3D content. Based on license revenue and customer projects as well as positive cash flow the company is independent from VCs and banks.

Product Portfolio – Viewer and Tools
The product portfolio consists of 3D real-time rendering software (Viewers - on standard client hardware) for interactive and online capable visualization and workflow software (Tools) regarding content preparation for interactive and online usages.

Services/Support – Feature development and 3D content development
Based on a German and international teams the company develops interactive high resolution 3D city models and GIS/CAD content for online capable visualization in “BS Contact” or “BS Contact Geo”. In addition features and functionalities based on our viewers and tools are developed on project base and based on customer requests.

Customers - 375 direct integrators and millions also online users from CAD, GIS, Games
Customers (including about 75 academic institutions) are applying the software as visualization front-end for interactive systems, as enabling software for mixed reality (2D/3D/video) in interactive Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) and as client renderer in the cloud.

Key Product – Cross-platform and Cross-browser 3D Engine “BS Contact”
The key product marketed as “BS Contact” (3D engine from Bitmanagement Software) is C++ software (directX and openGL) supports ISO standard and industry standard formats like X3D/VRML, Collada, CityGML or KMZ, JTOpen and is designed for cross-platform (windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, Android) and cross-browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera) usage.

Technology discriminators

  • Content quality: High rendering speed in frames per second.
  • Online usage, files and applications are based on tuned workflow tools for “3D streaming”.
  • Major stability based on 15 years continuous development and incorporated customer feed-back.
  • Great feature richness due to visualization in many markets and feature requests fulfilled.
  • Only commercial cross-platform and cross-browser c++ renderer in our market. Focus on standard hardware from older types up to high-end multi core 64 bit workstation.
  • R&D backed by international projects
  • Participation in standardization organizations (e.g. web3D consortium, OGC).