BS Geo Grid

Accelerate your geo applications with BS GeoGrid Server.

Similar to video streaming, large geospatial data is sent in tiles over the internet from the BS GeoGrid Server directly to the receiving client. The BS GeoGrid server keeps the channel to the client open in order to send the data tiles faster than from a normal web server.

Through the conversion of the geospatial data with the BS Tiler tool into fast-loading tiles and permanent intelligent streaming of data by the client software (BS Contact Geo) the visualization can be done already before the entire model has been downloaded completely. In this way, you can visualize virtually unlimited quantities of data to the user clients.

A further acceleration is the use of multiple BS GeoGrid servers for the same application and the same user (eg client BS Contact Geo). The BS Geo Grid server uses a dedicated grid network of web servers to send the data to each client from multiple servers simultaneously.

Concurrent access of a large number of users can be optimized with BS GeoGrid server also, so that a web service is more stable when many users simultaneously request the same area.