BS Contact Stereo

BS Contact Stereo enables the interactive and realtime display of 3D models, images and video in different stereoscopic modes for a large variety of active and passive VR systems, autostereoscopic monitors and up to CAVE solutions.

Bitmanagement – Interactive Web3D Graphics – visualization for VRML, X3D, Collada, kmz, CityGML

Bitmanagement offers for stereoscopic visualization a 3D rendering engine using the format VRML or X3D or Collada. This 3D renderer is a realtime 3D viewer or 3D Browser and Internet capable for interactive visualization of 3D objects.

The same virtual objects can be used in mono 3D and placed in virtual words in order to achieve an immersive experience. Specific hardware is needed e.g. stereoscopic projectors for Powerwalls or Cave systems or autostereoscopic monitors for interactive visualization of 3D content without glasses. Active and passive stereo is supported by the 3D graphics software also for online use.

Preparation of the VRML or X3D files is supported by the same tools for reduction, encryption or the editor like for the standard VRML viewer. The realtime rendering is done on the client PC. 3D immersive visualization is a coming trend in consumer applications.

For web3D applications also kmz and CityGML is supported (JTOpen on request). Based on todays performing standard PCs and BS Contact Stereo, costs for visualizations of interactive and realtime content in an immersive way have extremely decreased.

Necessary for the stereoscopic projection from PCs is merely a Windows computer with a suitable graphics card, e.g. NVidia Quadro or ATI-Fire GL and active stereo glasses.

BS Contact Stereo can be used for rear projection systems with projectors and passive stereo glasses. Multiple settings of projection walls are possible to enable immersive viewing.

Stereoscopic viewing is possible without additional special glasses by using particular 3D monitors. In co-operation with display producers Bitmanagement supports miscellaneous displays (e.g. SpatialView) natively (Details).

CAVE solutions enable the full stereoscopic and interactive vision for highend visualizations. BS Collaborate enables the synchronization of multiple standard PCs for interactivity in CAVE solutions.

A technical description introduces BS Contact Stereo regarding its functional aspects. Please adjust your stereoscopic hardware respectivly. In case of any questions please contact us.

Bitmanagement is member of the 3D Consortium that is commited to the dissemination of stereocopic visualisation.

Please download the test version of BS Contact Stereo and the user's guide or check the systems requirements in the Download Center.