BS Contact

BS Contact is a realtime and online capable viewer offering full interactivity.

Bitmanagement Software (“BS”) develops BS Contact as the core product of a visualisation platform. Customers use BS Contact as frontend of their applications on almost all computers and graphics cards in the industry and the consumer market.

BS Contact can be tailored by functionality, GUI, menu or size to fit best to customer specific requirements. As middleware technology it can be used as OEM software enabling cutting edge applications.

Customers carry out their business concept with an interactive frontend that can be easily integrated to back end systems based on open standards and interfaces.

Main features:

  • Stand alone viewer or embedded in leading web browsers based on DirectX or OpenGL
  • Cross-platform on Windows, Linux (please see BS Contact Linux), Mac (please see BS Contact Mac) and Mobile (please see BS Contact Mobile)
  • Suited for 3D vector and spline formats e.g. VRML, X3D, COLLADA, KMZ
  • Broad functionality suited for all distribution channels, e.g. Web, CD/DVD or PC
  • State of the Art computer graphics with continued development since 1995 e.g. texturing with flash, physics or multi user

Release Information and Release Notes


  • Millions of downloads over the years - customer feedback included in development
  • Stable rendering engine – non stop rendering, e.g. 14 days continued testing in industry
  • High performance rendering – outstanding content quality due to highest rendering frame rate per second, proven in various independent research analysis
  • Easy to navigate – over 100.000 users in a customer application in first week and several millions of users in total worldwide
  • Easy to use with up to one click for viewer and application (Instant Interactivity) – best coverage of biggest variety of computers and graphics cards worldwide
  • Cross platform - running on simple laptops up to highend multi-core 64 bit workstations
  • Broadcast quality but interactive content at far less data and bandwith required than video
  • GUI, navigation or menu of the viewer and application customisable to the customer's business model
  • Size of the viewer from 1 MB to 5 MB depending on the required functionality in OEM applications
  • Powerful API in BS SDK Package together with additional tools (BS Authoring Tools) for content enhancements, content encryption and integration of the frontend in customer applications
  • Standard complient with node extensions – future proof due to open ISO and Industry Standard formats
  • Flexible licensing scheme
  • Customers specific developments based on own source code and intensive know-how

Please download the test version of BS Contact at the Download Center.