The visualization of architectural projects: the geometry of a building, its shape and geographic location etc. originates from CAD data and architecture programs while popular authoring tools such as 3ds max or Blender can be used to prepare the data for high quality rendering even on the web. Bitmanagement optimizes the data export of prepared models with the authoring tools BS Exporter for 3ds max and for Blender so that animations with shaders can be automatically exported.

This way, our Software makes it an experience not only for existing, but also for planned high-quality buildings on the internet. The interactivity of architectural models realized with the BS Contact viewer allows users to decide by their own which path in or through a building they want to rent or which additional information (such as room size, geographical orientation) they want to ask for. Such architectural models, and the related underlying design data can also be used for marketing and sales activities or as a variance comparison tool to monitor the progress of a project.