Design data from CAD systems is increasingly used in the technical marketing and sales business. For such purposes this data is revised in terms of design, animation and accompanying text. Then the data is suited to be made available to customers as well as to sales partners on CD ROM or the Internet.

In the digital factory for instance a real-time system simulates plants, machinery, peripherals and components for the purpose of automated manufacturing. The "virtual machine" thus shortens the commissioning of facilities on one hand and allows an effective and intensive training for workers regardless of the upcoming realization of the machinery on the other.

In the service sector, digital 3D support and service manuals assist the online consumers or maintenance staff. An interactive installation instruction helps to speed up the localization of an error source for example and to solve a technical problem. An integrated order form for spare parts also makes defect correction easier.

Authoring tools such as BS Reducer can minimize the volume of CAD data without reducing the visual performance. For computing processes with strong real-time requirements the BS Off Screen Library can use the graphics card's GPU which are comparably faster than the CPU.