Today buying and selling on the Internet enjoy great popularity. Due to the various multimedia options of interactive 3D technologies, attractive user interfaces can be offered to the user as far as the adventure shopping at home is concerned. This allows the customer in a virtual 3D shop to walk through the store and to examine the offered products interactively from all sides and angles. The user may call up video clips for further information about the offers and can directly communicate with the seller by video conferencing.

Whenever the customer makes a purchase, the front end (3D client BS Contact) connects to the e-commerce software to handle the buying procedure. In this context the ISO industry standard makes it easier for developers to integrate the 3D client BS Contact. Thus, the customer experiences a "look and feel” very similar to shopping in a real store. The user interface for this purpose can be realized in a very pleasant way in conjunction with 3D and flash programming. For integration into the process standardized mechanisms can be employed for both synchronous (real-time integration) as well as asynchronous (time-shifted) communication.