Multi-user communities

Virtual communities in the digital 2D range today can also be realized on Facebook or YouTube. The 3D real time technology however offers the main advantage of Avatars or virtual people which can move in and walk through virtual worlds. When several Avatars exist in the same space noticing each other and reacting, then we are talking about "3D multi-user communication platforms, or even “multi-user communities”.

Probably the best known example currently is Second Life. Qualitatively however, much more attractive communities can be developed. We Support multi-user communities at the server side with BS Collaborate. While usual community features, such as rights, roles, etc., are displayed from leading software packages or even free software such as Drupal, BS Collaborate visualizes the 3D real time functionalities such as Avatars or 3D chats. In addition Windows XP users can install the 3D plug-in multi-user software and an application for immediate use just by clicking once (Instant Interactivity).

Since our technology supports the open standards VRML/X3D, COLLADA and KMZ, users worldwide can generate their content (user-generated content) by themselves and integrate it depending on their business concept.