E-Government applications mainly refer to urban and local public sovereign rights, e.g. construction projects or building supervision. In this area 3D visualization can be of decisive importance. If the target is to demonstrate how buildings are casting clouds / shadows or to explore the stability of the climatic wind conditions 3D visualization application is the technology needed.

Such applications can be displayed online as a planning process to residents affected by construction projects. Thus residents can vote for or against a building project on the Internet. In this way citizens can contribute to city projects. In the EU sponsored project VEBs (Virtual Environment Planning) the university of applied sciences "Fachhochschule für Technik" (HfT) has posted the housing area "Rosensteinviertel" in Stuttgart Germany on the Internet as an interactive 3D presentation. This application is based on our 3D Technology, which enables citizens to participate in discussion forums and to comment on public planning projects.