Interactive Demos

Interactive demos are showing the rendering quality. On standard PC/laptop hardware one can get film like quality - but it is realtime rendering enabling interactive applications based on much smaller file size compared to video.

Online 3D City visualization
Thumbnail Online 3D City visualization with a resolution up to 10 cm. Walk through your building or city interactively.

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Interactive city visualization with night simulation
Thumbnail City visualization with night simulation and interactive change of present and planning. Using the "deferred rendering" technique makes it possible to illuminate the scene with hundreds of light sources simulating lamps in the night or to apply the ambient occlusion effect especially well seen in the day mode.

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Jade Dragon - Demo
Thumbnail This is an example of a 3D graphic scene with high visual quality on the Internet. A viewpoint tour is activated so that BS Contact is flying like in a camera tour from predefined point to point. For free movements in the scene please right with the mouse on the dragon and choose under Viewpoints "Walk". Then you can navigate in the scene by pressing the mouse button.

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Cathedral Demo
Thumbnail This demo is a photo realistic cathedral interior with accurate lighting and other special effects powered by shaders within BS Contact.

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New Release BS Contact 7.2 Web 3D
Thumbnail The interactive web demo showcases actual postprocessing and dynamic shadow techniques.

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Configurator for online visualization of technical products
Thumbnail The "Airbus-Configurator" visualizes the product range of the airplanes with a programmable graphical user interface (GUI). The viewer is able to interactively observe and move the airplane types in real-time and arrange different airline-corporate identities or seat layouts. Using auto stereoscopic displays enriches the visualization with first-class depth perception, though the same VRML models can be used.

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CAD Demo - Curta Calculator
Thumbnail The Curta is a small, hand-cranked mechanical calculator introduced in 1948. It has an extremely compact design, a small cylinder that fits in the palm of the hand. It can be used to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, division [...]

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Geo demo for visualization of Earth view application
Thumbnail Via satellite data citymodels can be realized from streetlevel and indoor visualisation to multiuser walkthroughs mixed with multimedia application and linked to backend systems. BS Contact Geo provides a performant and stable realtime client software which is also customisable.

Customers use BS Contact Geo as a frontend for their applications running on almost all computers and graphic cards in industry as well as in consumer applications. Bitmanagement provides its customers a simple and easy start for viewer and data and a data preparation tool BS Tiler. Customer Data (by customers of from our partners) and the Viewer (from Bitmanagement) for your business model will be prepared on customers web server.

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Data Center - Demo
Thumbnail This is a model of a Data Center to visualize temperature of server clusters

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