BS Exporter for Blender

The BS Exporter for Blender is a free export plug-in for the hugely popular open-source 3D authoring package, Blender. This new product offering from Bitmanagement Software empowers the Blender community to create realistic, high-performance interactive 3D scenes based on the international standard X3D format, and deployed via BS Contact VRML/X3D.

This feature-rich initial release includes support for real-time shadows, static radiosity lighting, dynamic particle effects, multi-texturing, normal and environment maps, movie textures, animation and custom interaction scripting from within Blender itself.

The BS Exporter for Blender opens up a world of new possibilities for real-time 3D developers to create professional content at significantly lower cost.

The BS Exporter for Blender can be downloaded from our Download Center. To learn more about the features of the exporter and how to make best use of them from Blender, please consult the documentation.