BS Contact Android

With the release of BS Contact Android we address the needs of customers developing applications in industry areas such as:

  • E-commerce
  • E-learning
  • E-government
  • E-healthcare

In branches of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality such as:

  • CAD
  • Visualization of simulation or measurement results
  • Architecture
  • Product visualization

BS Contact Android adds significantly to the BS Contact product portfolio, bring the world of real-time 3D to the rapidly growing, technology-saavy market of handheld computing users.

The software is a stable and high performance visualization solution for handheld devices running the Android ® operating system.

Please download the test version of BS Contact Mobile and the user's manual or check the systems requirements in the Download Center.

Starting 3D .wrl content from the local Android device:
Copy your .wrl content from USB to the internal location of Android device with help of Astro File Manager:
(download the Astro File Manager here ).

Use thereby the same intuitive "create(folder)/copy..." commands commonly used in Windows.
Start the 3D content in the preinstalled BS Contact Android 3D engine by double clicking the .wrl file.
BS Contact Android 3D engine will start with the content double-clicked as the .wrl mime type has been associated with it on installation.

Mobile demos