Customer Testimonials

metaio GmbH
The rendering quality, robustness and standards conformance of the integrated Bitmanagement 3D software has been contributing to the success of our augmented reality software products to a high degree for years.
Winner of the German Internet Award, Dr. Thomas Alt, CEO, metaio GmbH
Bertelsmann AG
Bitmanagement has developed (in time and budget) from 160 giga-bytes of satellite and map data a fully integrated consumer product with a realtime 3D GUI.
Michael Bolzer, Multimedia Producer, Bertelsmann AG
We are interested to use the new 3D browser as a demonstration utility in connection with our marketing campaign for the launch of new Intel products.
Michael Vollmer, Client Enabling Manager - SSG/EMEA, Intel
Telecom Italia Lab
We have developed the IDYNamicTV, a new paradigm for television viewer interaction using third dimension with BS Contact.
Marina Geymonat, R&D, Telecom Italia Lab
According our market research the client software of Bitmanagement is the only integrated 2D/3D player that allows stable and performing visualization in MPEG-4. We embedded the player to ERP-systems for E-commerce applications.
Dr. Hundt, R&D, Siemens AG
Institut für Rundfunktechnik GmbH
The enduser owns more and more performing PCs/TVs and Internet access. Therefore the interface between companies and customers - the client software - will have to support functionalities like interactivity, 3D and multiuser. We have actually recognised by our partners and customers additional requests regarding new applications that will only be possible due to front end technologies like BS Contact.
Gerhard Stoll, Project Manager, Institut für Rundfunktechnik GmbH
Planet9 Studios, Inc.
We have used BS software for our PC based custom application development for many years because of its´high rendering quality, stability and well developed work flow. These applications include BIM´s (building information models), navigation systems and social networking.
David Colleen, CEO, Planet9 Studios, Inc.
Stadt Wien
Bitmanagement offers high resolution 3D city models, that we use in planning and geodesy due to its high precision as well as in interactive online use cases.
DI Dr. Lionel Dorffner, Leiter 3D Technologie, EDV und Produktvertrieb