BS Technology Invest


The Concept

The BS Technology Invest Program supports innovative technology concepts to use the product portfolio of Bitmanagement. Private people and SMEs, whose business idea and/or establishment is less than 24 months old can use the technology on success basis. Bitmanagement reserves itself the review of the respective BusinessPlan.

The Entrepreneur

"The BS Technology Invest Program has enabled us to integrate the interactive software of Bitmanagement in our new concept without large upfront investment. Since the software is well documented (keyword "BS SDK") we could manage the integration by ourself. The royalties for usage of the software could be made dependent on the success of our business concept, what helped our Start UP very much.", Jean-Michel Flament, France

The Offer

Bitmanagement offers:

  • 30% reduction on the BS SDK package price
  • Usage of the software regarding the concept on success basis. Agreement on a percentage of a commercial figure (e.g. product price or revenue)
  • Support on reduced conditions
  • Project-specific developments on reduced conditions


The Benefit

For the Entrepreneur the investment into the concept development is reduced. The development of new business concepts in relatively short time (Mash UP of world-wide know-how and concept parts) is possible due to the easy integration of the software and its Internet focus. The internet capabilities of the software enables to develop concepts targeting mass market applications as it is desired by Business Plans.

For further information please contact sales(at) or tel. 0049 (0)8151 971708.