BS Exporter for 3ds max

BS Exporter is an optimized content exporting tool from Discreet 3D Studio Max (3ds max 5/6/7/8/9) optimized for Internet output.

BS Exporter converts data from 3ds max for use in BS Contact including extensions of the BS Contact viewer enhancing the VRML und X3D ISO standard. The export can be put on the Internet, presented on CDROM or viewed with stereoscopic hardware (back projection, 3D monitors, Caves). The BS SDK provides information to integrate the 3D viewer easily in existing IT projects.

Multi Texturing support:

  • Materials with multiple bitmap textures
  • Meshes with multiple uv-mapping
  • UV Channel re-mapping in Material
  • Multiple texture transforms
  • Environment/reflection mapping

As technical format the ISO standard VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) is qualified, since it is optimized for the Internet as Data-Export-Format for nearly all 3D authoring tools (especially 3ds max) as the smallest common denominator.


  • DEF/USE of texture and appearance
  • Automatic bitmap conversion
  • Resource files web optimization
  • MovieTexture support
  • Image formats JPG, GIF, PNG, DDS
  • Smaller file size and compression
  • NURBS support

The 3D models are interactive, so that the observer can move and navigate in a 3D world/object freely in real time. Through integration of video -or 2D text, architectural-offices, which are involved in the visualization of projects with Bitmanagement`s Software GmbH technology, are nowadays enabled to create realistic and performing applications for CDROM or the Internet.