Product Workflow

Interactive Web3D Software – with core product "BS Contact" – the fastest and most stable realtime renderer on consumer hardware

Your digital data
Authoring Tools
2D/3D Viewers
Your application
Import Existing Assets
3D models (COLLADA, VRML/X3D, KMZ)
Audio (MP3, MPEG, WAV, MIDI)
Video (MPEG, AVI, FLV)
Textures (PNG, JPG, J2K, GIF, DDS)
GISdata (CityGML)
High-Resolution sattelite imagery
CAD data (OpenJT on request)

Geometry Tools
3ds max
CAD and GIS tools
and others

Technology Integration
Client / server
International standards
BS SDK Package
Application development

BS Exporters
3dsmax and Blender

BS Tiler
GIS data preparation

BS Encrypt
Data encoding / security

BS Reducer
Polygon reduction

BS Collaborate
Multi-users Server

Support / Development Services
BS Contact
Real-time Web3D Player for VRML/X3D, COLLADA and KMZ, OpenJT on Request

BS Contact Mac
Real-time Web3D Player for VRML/X3D, COLLADA and KMZ – C++ renderer on Mac

BS Contact Linux
Real-time Web3D Player for VRML/X3D, COLLADA and KMZ – C++ renderer on Linux

BS Contact iOS/Android
Real-time Web3D Player for VRML/X3D – C++ renderer on Mobile

BS Contact Stereo
Stereoscopic visualization

BS Contact Geo
GIS visualization, CityGML

BS Cave
Viewer Paket für Caves
Interactive Products on DVD
Bertelsmann globe project
Consumer Product

Community Web Concept
HSV soccer club
Multi-user social networking

Online Gaming
Goodyear Inc.
Web gaming / E-learning

ISO Standard Projects on PC's
Metaio GmbH
Augmented reality

Stereoscopic Visualization
Autostereoscopic displays