Sales Program

BS Customizing

Branding of the 2D/3D Viewers for OEM integration of the visualisation software in third party products and concepts.
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BS Technology Invest

Support of innivative concepts for private people and SME by providing Bitmanagements product on basis of success fee.
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BS Certified Partner

Partner program for existing network of marketing and content creators aiming to provide leads of content related inquiries of Bitmanagement customers to suited partners.
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BS Sales Partner

Program supports sales partners world-wide to market the product portfolio of bitmanagement to their customers. The Sales Partners are acting as local partners and are contracting party locally upon final customer's request.
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BS Academic

Program supports universities, professional schools and research establishments to use the Bitmanagement product portfolio for their scientific purposes. Students and researchers can use Bitmanagements products at favorable conditions.
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BS Artist

Program supports performers to realize non commercial projects using Bitmanagement product portfolio.
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