Cave Systems

With a Cave system (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment) on the basis of the BS Cave, IPL Institute for production management & logistics GmbH in Munich together with us market a stereoscopic visualization system together. It concerns a so called round Cave, with which the three-dimensional depth effect is substantially strengthened as opposed to angular Caves. In addition it reveals that the round Cave systems are more economical by up to 75% on the hardware side than the conventional, angular solutions. Thus medium-size enterprises in particular can also use the advantages of Cave systems.

Cave systems are used for demonstrations of most diverse applications, with which a special depth effect reflects the reality in the best way. Possible operational areas range from the medical preparation on surgical interventions, to Design studies and design detail, representation of prototypes, up to the production layout, architecture and for virtual model production in the building and equipment construction. Even the behavior of passengers in critical situations in vehicles and aircrafts can be simulated. Universities also increasingly want to begin using Cave Systems for their training activities, which are facilitated by the new Cave solution.

The installation instructions for the hardware setup and the BS Cave Package software consists of the BS Collaborate Server for distribution of stereoscopic images on multiple Cave computers and the client component BS Contact Stereo can be downloaded as test versions from the Download Center.