BS Academic

The Concept

The BS Academic Program supports universities, professional schools and research establishments to use the BS product portfolio for their scientific purposes. Students and researchers can use with favorable conditions the techniques (XML graphic technologies), as actually discussed in practice, for the development of internet frontends of trend-setting applications.

The University

"Recently we released a book concerning the use of visualization technologies within the GIS branch. In 2004/2005 we analyzed software concepts world-wide and the market of software providers. In our opinion a ISO-standard-conform software, which reflects multimedia trends, is goal-prominent for our training purposes in geo computer science. Through the equipment of study courses with the BS SDK our students are immediately applicable in the field e.g. for 3D concepts on the Internet."
Prof. Dr. Volker Coors, University of Applied Sciences, Stuttgart

The Offer

Bitmanagement offers:

  • 30% academic discount on the BS product portfolio
  • Highly degressive quantity discount for higher numbers of licences due to the number of students
  • 3rd level support when equipping training courses with the BS SDK

The contracting partner proves via a Website, that its establishment is operating within the academic environment.

The Benefit

The university is supported in its efforts to teach the students in trend-setting technologies. The students can gain knowledge and acquire abilities in practice-relevant software concepts, which can make them applicable in markets such as film/multimedia or GIS but also game development, since the expectation of employees in respect of graduates are the development of new business concepts and products.

For further information to the BS Academic Program, please contact or call 0049 (0)8151 971708.