Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is the presentation of 3D models for real time computer generated, interactive virtual environments. To create “immersion” means to be able to immerge into 3D worlds, special hardware is required for rendering. Primarily head mounted displays and 3D monitors are in use as well as 3D Caves, which are rooms equipped with projection devices that create a three-dimensional illusionary world around the viewers in virtual reality.

To gain the spatial effect, two pictures from different perspectives will be generated and stereoscopically displayed. The interaction with 3D models and Virtual Reality requires special input units. Most popular are the space mouse and the wired data glove. 3D space tracking systems are used to detect the position of the viewer. We offer a device SDK within the BS SDK package for individual connection to input devices.

With the BS Contact Stereo we support the visualization of immersive 3D models and 3D worlds. The rendering software BS Contact Stereo computes three-dimensional models in real time as well as in stereo (separately for the left and right eye) for visualizing on special hardware.

For modeling three-dimensional objects, authoring tools like 3ds max or Blender or other CAD or 3D programs can be used. That way the prototypes for industry and research applications can be visualized in the development process. For presentation of interactive 3D graphic scenes offline or on the Internet the VRML and X3D are used.

Please take a look at the white paper "Stereoscopic 3D visualization", which gives you more information about this growing market from a marketing point of view.