Life logging describes the recording, storage and distribution of everyday situations (such as football games) as well as providing information about objects and people. With the support of augmented reality technologies and the integration of positioning markers, Life Logging is also mixing the real world with the virtual world.

The concept of Life logging is based on a number of technical components working together: the high speed of the Internet, the large transmission bandwidth, the advanced development of storage media and the improved accuracy of position signals, as expected from the existing GPS system or by the up-coming European information system Galileo.

Probably the most attractive practical implementation of a Life logging concept are at present interactive virtual soccer games. In a 3D animated soccer stadium virtual players (avatars), move just as in reality as well as react on each move of all other players. By storing the positions of all individual players exciting scenes of a real soccer match can be repeated after the game is over. Today, by including so-called multi-user technologies "almost realistic" tournaments in virtual environments can be arranged.

A scenario concerning this matter was already developed and implemented in the EC-funded project named "ICECREAM" by Bitmanagement.