tarakos - VR products for interactive real-time simulation with BS Contact

For years, taracos works with a stable web-3D visualization software BS Contact from Bitmanagement. This enables taracos to create VR products successfully used for interactive real-time simulation and for three-dimensional representation of products and processes.

With the robust and reliable Web-3D visualization software from Bitmanagement taracos achieved stable online rendering results. It leads the prospective customers through virtual production facilities and puts them in the position to visualize manufacturing processes or functional points of their products from all sides advantageously in the way they are in real life.

With BS Contact Taracos Magdeburg GmbH markets the successful virtual Visualization technology especially for medium-sized companies in areas such as material flow, materials handling and robotics.

But not only the advantages of VR technology are more and more for the digital factory but also Metaverse applications are already being discussed. These include the partial virtual worlds, mirror worlds, augmented reality and life logging, etc.

For Metaverse customers Bitmanagement applications include on-line tours through the HSV-Arena with virtual football matches, the city of Prague or the Interactive World Atlas of Bertelsmann which provides the user with the opportunity to zoom-in on any points of the earth's surface and get information interactively just like in Google Earth.

All applications in which the reality plays a role professionally or even for educational purposes is merging with the virtual worlds.